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Life’s A Trip

A body of work born from the process of finding my way back to myself. 2022 presented me with many unexpected changes – some blessings and some difficulties, which led me to put photography on the backburner with very limited time to make new work. In the fall, I was able to carve out some time and push myself to go outside to take photos without any expectations other than to experiment freely with a digital camera I had neglected for years. What began as an unintentional practice, turned into an introspective reflection on the lack of clarity, purpose, and direction I was experiencing in my life this year - in my art, career, relationships, etc. By exploring different shutter speeds and camera movements, these compositions connect reality to new possibilities by blurring the line between traditional photographs and surreal/psychedelic art pieces. These photos have become a significant representation of my self-discovery journey; reminding me that things don’t have to remain stagnant, and that new ways of seeing things are possible when we explore freely. Life IS a trip. But we have the power to determine the direction it takes us.

Material: Archivel Inkjet Print