Downtown, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has been one of my favorite places to visit. I lived there when I came to the US and before coming to Washington, so it holds a very big significant role in my memory. It reminds me of when I just had come to the US. It was my first understanding of what American life was. A beautiful place, but a little bit too expensive for the new arrived immigrants like us - or literally any poor family. Every time I go the immigrant in me think “what a great introduction to the US”. I love visiting there because I have family there and its a very different California coast experience compare to Southern California per se. But really what fascinates me the most it’s the evident and just beautiful Spanish architecture and overall energy. It brings such great colors to photos and it just feeds my aesthetic of simplicity in photos. Here are some photos that I collected from the Downtown area this time I visited for just a day. Shot on 35mm film (Minolta X3 + Portra 400).