One Block Around

I recently purchased a new camera. After a troubling month of contemplation, I finally decided to buy a mirrorless Fujifilm TX3. Asside from the incredible advanced technical features it includes, two other things convinced me: 1. The colors and details in the images. 2. The crisp and well shaped elegant body with decent size lenses. As soon as I got my lens today, I couldn’t resist so I went to shoot around my block some things that I’ve been wanting to shot for a long time ago but had not taken the initiative to do so. Below are a few. I am very excited to make this my everyday camera and carry it around everywhere.

I am looking forward to creating some of my best work with this camera as I grow as a photographer.




Solitude is frightening.

It presents itself as an empty space that not a lot of people know how to navigate. I don’t.

A space where you must talk to yourself. To think and process your most subtle thoughts alone — confront your beauty and complexities.


In my opinion, nothing really demonstrate our power more than our ability to survive solitude. The ability to that empty space we all have to navigate from time to time.

Some more than others.


Un Poema

During my younger years, maybe when I was 23 I wrote this poem dedicated to my sister Estela, who passed away in 2010 at years of age. Her memory has been spiritually guided me in many areas of my life, so I wrought that to her.

Sister, give me your blessings.
I ask that you guide me with your spirit.
I am not very religious, you knew that.
But I am a believer.

Hard to believe, right?
But you know I am.
I believe in you.
I believe in the energy that your spirit carries.

So I ask that you give me your blessings.
And when you can, pray for me.
Pray for my well being.
Pray for my strength.
You will see how my spirit thanks you
as I manifest my gifts in this world; dedicated to you.

Downtown, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has been one of my favorite places to visit. I lived there when I came to the US and before coming to Washington, so it holds a very big significant role in my memory. It reminds me of when I just had come to the US. It was my first understanding of what American life was. A beautiful place, but a little bit too expensive for the new arrived immigrants like us - or literally any poor family. Every time I go the immigrant in me think “what a great introduction to the US”. I love visiting there because I have family there and its a very different California coast experience compare to Southern California per se. But really what fascinates me the most it’s the evident and just beautiful Spanish architecture and overall energy. It brings such great colors to photos and it just feeds my aesthetic of simplicity in photos. Here are some photos that I collected from the Downtown area this time I visited for just a day. Shot on 35mm film (Minolta X3 + Portra 400).

Voices of Action


My friend Sharon Maeda invited me to create studio portraits for a new project she initiated. Voices of Action is a radio program featuring leaders in the Seattle area, and needed portraits of them for the poster ad. Though these are not the photos selected for the poster, I wanted to create powerful portraits that communicated depth and wisdom from the leaders. This is what I came up with.

Client: KVRU 105.7 FM

Leaders: Gregory Davis, Sandy Restrepo, Toshiko Hasegawa, Luis Ortega, Jarrell Davis